Our team mostly consists of ladies, because women are all about LOGISTICS, right?

Why Choose US

Circle the whole logistic process with us


Let us transport your goods from any destination whether it is road, ship, air or rail transport.

Freight forwarding

We dedicate special attention to customs procedures that require the nature of your merchandise.

Warehouse management & distribution

In collaboration with our partners we store your merchandise in modern and secure warehouses. Distrubution of the merchandise we do with our own vehicles.


By the nature of your business, we will offer you personalized solutions and try to clarify your every dilemma.


Professionals taking care of you

Customs Affairs

Vesna Simić

Transport Manager

Ivana Jerotić


We cooperate with


What they say about us:

"I really like their work, I guess now they have got a new lifetime customer. Every construction project that I do will only be via their construction company."
Zorana Petrović
- Dearest ALURA LOG team, thank you for supporting each of our business ventures. Thanks to you, we have no logistical concerns. You're wonderful!
- Thank you for the patience of solving any of our concerns, given advice and taking the stand as a part of our company! Our logistic team of ALURA LOG

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